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Missed Birthdays

When someone you love is missing, their birthday is the hardest day of your year.
Missed Birthdays shines a light on the loved ones left behind, and their unique form of grief. By making a donation, you can help us provide them with the support they need.

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birthday messages

Birthdays are deeply important dates for the families and friends of missing persons. They are often the most difficult day of the year, yet are also the most effective date to ask for public support
MPAN is working with the loved ones of missing people to film birthday messages to be released on the most important day of their calendar.
Firstly, to remind the community that they are still missing and the search is ongoing. And secondly, to raise awareness and support for those left behind experiencing a unique form of grief known as ambiguous loss.

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Ambiguous loss

Research on stress and trauma has found that no other form of loss is as unmanageable and traumatising as the stress of ambiguous loss. It is a specific kind of loss that lacks clarification and closure, and it is rarely openly acknowledged or supported by the wider community. -Dr Kanthi Perera

Ordinary things like the phone ringing or a knock at the door take on entirely new meanings, with loved ones living in a state of both hope and hopelessness. Unlike traditional bereavement, where the loss is clear, it doesn’t get easier over time. It gets harder. And standard grief counselling doesn’t work because it’s not a standard type of grief. It is complex, it is continual, and it requires ongoing and specialised support.
With these videos we’re looking to raise awareness of the issue of ambiguous loss so that we can raise funds to support the loved ones of the missing.

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Supporting those
left behind

MPAN works with families and friends of missing people to provide them with support after someone disappears.
There are thousands of Australians that need assistance, and not enough professionals trained in the nuances of this form of grief.


We’re hoping to train a new generation of ambiguous loss specialists who can provide ongoing support now and into the future. But we need your help.

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Every donation counts towards helping us provide missing persons’ loved ones with the support they need.
Please help us help them.


Missed Birthdays was made possible thanks to the support of the following partners:
Agency - whiteGREY. Production Company - Finch (directed by Kyra Bartley).
Post Production - Atticus. Sound Production - Bang Bang Studios.
Music Supervision - Level Two Music.
Music - Strata by Moby courtesy of (formally approved).